About Us

CD SoftS is a consulting firm, providing Web Hosting / Development & Digital Marketing solutions to our clients across PAN India. We offer Services of prime standards with a commitment to quality & excellence. Committed to delivering modernism, CD SoftS collaborates with its customers to help them achieve high performance. The focus of CD SoftS is on raising productivity through improved efficiency and setting benchmarks in quality, enabling its customers to concentrate on their core business activities. With deep industry and business process expertise and also broad resources, CD SoftS can mobilize the right solutions to help customer improve their business performance.

CD SoftS is an independent, specialist Web Development, Web Hosting and Digital Marketing consulting firm incorporated during 2013. We work with some of the most renowned companies in Bengaluru in the delivery of Web Development / Hosting / Digital Marketing solutions that generate the insights to drive top- and bottom-line performance. We service these customers from our office located in Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, India.

We compete on the basis of our specialism, our people, high quality and assured delivery. Our values are very important to the way we do business and the way we engage with our customers

We help clients solve their Web Development / Hosting / Digital Marketing problems with powerful Digital Marketing technologies. Our team members are expected to have a strong interest in business, and have excellent listening, written and presentational skills, as well as the aptitude and motivation to master multiple technologies in a fast-moving field.

Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore

To help deliver what is promised with a high impact on your objective and exceptional returns – consistently.

Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore

Create meaningful relationships with our client by establishing a connection between brand and audience through digital experiences.

Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore

CD Softs values can be actualized by saying “we love what we do" from building website to promoting it all over the digital world”



As a Team we sit and discuss the key objective of your campaign, we will strategize and develop marketing solutions for your business by keeping timeframe in mind. We make sure to present you varied solutions to choose from. CD Softs as an agency provides utmost transparency with clients we are working with before moving on to next stage.


In this phase, we shall set a team by collaborating on what tools and resources shall be best for you! We start performing competitive analysis according to your domain and make sure to present you with a developed strategy which is unique and helping us achieve our business goal.


By the start of this stage, we shall have a proper plan to follow. We shall provide a full A/B testing report and what KPIs shall be targeted to achieve growth. At CD Softs, we believe numbers are data and data is fact! Therefore, our team of analytical minds shall provide us with key factors such as audience segmentation and success of conversion rate using our research.


As a Digital Marketing Agency, we believe the final buzzer should be in-hands of our client. Our experts shall present you with final work and if any revision is required that shall be made. Lastly, campaign shall be executed and later a report shall be generated with the yield results.