SEO Vs. SEM: Dilemma to choose from!

SEO Vs. SEM: Dilemma to choose from!

Aug 24, 2021

At CD SoftS, before we start planning the campaign, we understand the core foundation of a business. We need to have an audit on how optimized your online presence-is? For Example, do you have enough CTA on your page? Are you engaging with your audience on Social Media?

An online business can boost traffic, leads and new customers by two ways, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. However, you may see both have something in common, that is “Search”, the user intent to look for your business is optimized so that you are easy to found as compared to your competitors.

1. SEO –

SEO requires consistency and patience as Google is figuring you out as a business, Google wants to crawl, sort and index your pages step by step. Therefore, don’t forget to add your Meta tags and researched keywords. SEO is more than fixing technical errors! SEO is about increasing engagement and traffic by varied means such as Blogging, Social Media linking , guest posting , having polls on linkedin or even sliders on instagram debunking myths of your industry.

Creating content in bulk and linking to other sites can have a high positive impact in getting SEO Juice! If you are just strating your online journey then make sure you audit your website!

Unlike others, I wouldn’t recommend a machine to audit your website! You need guidance which comes from human interaction. Therefore, get a guide like who will do a SEO Audit for FREE!! Even though we are based in Bangalore, India, we have worked with clients all over the world!

When can you see SEO benefiting your business?

1. When you search your website on Google and your business shows up in local directories! (LOCAL SEO game is too strong then!)

2. When you will measure success in-terms of traffic on Google Analytics

3. When your office phone rings with queries!v

BUT, we need to keep 2 things in our heart and mind that is consistency and patience! You may check our Instagram on how you can kick-start your SEO journey!

2. SEM-

Search Engine marketing, basically a Digital Marketer will run an Ad-campaign for your Business online. Sounds like we are in New York office, right?

SEM,requires one to research their competitors who are doing exceptionally well with their rank on SERP. At CD SoftS, we generally produce a report of competitor analysis. Report of Analysis shall include Keywords (bid) and Descriptive content used for branding.

SEM is more like a short-cut for brands to rank higher on SERP without implying SEO Strategies by running and optimizing a paid campaign.

Who should go for SEM?

1. Companies targeting B2B Solutions

2. Just started their digital business recently!

3. Lack of traffic on your website due to poor SEO

In conclusion, SEO and SEM are olive of same branch but many businesses fail to understand which to imply when, that’s where CD SoftS guides their clients by create tailor made plans for a consistent traffic and lead generation approach for growth of their brand. However, if you ask us what we would choose, then we believe in implying both together to get more conversions for your business.

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